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A redesign
Scooter App
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Colour Scheme
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Task flow
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Easy booking
Get directions from your location to your chosen Ride
Get all the information about the ride at the touch of a button. Find the perfect ride for you. Filter by location, battery charge and price
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What we do
All you need is a smartphone and you can be free to get where you want how you want
Once you are near your ride it will turn on. You can use the camera on your smartphone to read the QR confirmation code which connects the scooter to the app 
Innovative user experience
Choose a Ride with ease.
Choose a type of ride with the swipe of a finger, our following study focuses on the scooter part of the app but the concept os the same throughout the app.
Choose a ride from the map, the rides cluster when zoomed out. 
another option is to choose from a list of rides in your area or from your favourites
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Next level navigation
Get to your Ride by following the directions on the map or using Augmented reality
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