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WEBDESIGN Check out the design process is primarily a B2C eCommerce website established in 1984. If offers a huge range of cars through a nationwide network of branches and operates from all major Irish airports.The brand typically caters for budget-conscious international travellers who are travelling for leisure and has a particularly strong connection with audiences in the US.While bookings are made on the website, the vehicles are ultimately supplied by Europcar. The fleet comprises a full range of mini, economy, compact, intermediate, full-size and automatic vehicles.
To create an effective, efficient, and well-received user interface
For the purpose of this project, while working for Matrix internet, evaluated the user experience of the Irish Car Rental website.
The usability test objectives were:
  • To determine usability problem areas within the user interface;
  • To pinpoint the following possible problem areas:
    Navigation errors – failure to locate functions;
    Presentation errors – failure to locate and properly act upon desired information;
    Control usage problems – improper toolbar or entry field usage;
  • To exercise the application under controlled test conditions with representative users. 
The data gathered was used to guide the research and direction of the website redesign with the goal of achieving an effective, efficient, and well-received user interface.

Initially, we evenly allocated our time across research, UX design, developing the design system, and facilitating UI and component handoff. However, as we delved deeper, it became apparent that certain areas demanded more focus and often overlapped. As a team, we adapted swiftly, collaborating closely to synchronize efforts and meet our deadlines effectively.
a Brand
To ensure a cohesive brand identity for the IrishCarRentals website project, I developed a bespoke set of illustrations. This custom illustration style came complete with comprehensive guidelines, empowering the client to generate additional illustrations seamlessly whenever needed. Our emphasis was on offering the client diverse avenues for expanding the illustration library within the same aesthetic framework. By furnishing additional assets for potential future scenarios, we ensured consistency in the visual language even beyond the completion of our work. Moreover, we provided modular versions of the illustrations, enabling the client to mix and match elements while preserving the brand's integrity and illustration style.
bespoke icons
A key feature of the design was its emphasis on visual communication. To enhance user experience, I crafted a collection of icons aimed at swiftly informing users of features. Incorporating icons not only streamlines the users journey but also adds a visually captivating element, rendering interactions more engaging compared to relying solely on text.
Surface colours Surface colors affect surfaces of components, such as page, sections, banners, and icons. Text colours Use on-surface for elements like buttons, icons and text on navigation and tabs. Icon colours Apply on-surface colors to elements that appear on neutral surfaces, primary icons and secondary icons. Interactive colours Use interactive colorus for things like links, focus indicators, and selected interactive states. A bold Visual
I selected the Satoshi font for the IrishCarRentals website project due to its distinctive characteristics. Satoshi is a Swiss style modernist sans serif type family that strikes a balance between graceful rounded shapes and precise angular details. This unique blend lends an air of sophistication to the typography, making it a fitting choice for the website.

One of the key reasons for choosing Satoshi was its versatility in weight, offering a range from Light to Black. Given my intention for the website to be highly visual, I sought a typeface that could elevate the overall aesthetic. The varying weights of Satoshi allow for dynamic typographic hierarchy, enabling clear communication while maintaining a bold visual presence. This flexibility makes Satoshi well-suited for branding, editorial, and poster design, aligning perfectly with the multifaceted nature of the IrishCarRentals website.
Creating a
user interface
In crafting the user interface for this website, my focus was on seamless user experience and aesthetic appeal. Leveraging a mobile-first approach, I ensured the design's responsiveness across devices, prioritizing accessibility and usability. By implementing clear typography, intuitive navigation, and engaging visuals, I aimed to enhance user engagement and facilitate easy interaction. Additionally, the integration of a cohesive design system maintained visual consistency and streamlined the user journey. Overall, the UI design aimed to strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal, creating a delightful experience for visitors.
UX design
to UI design
In designing the UI for this website, I prioritised the most common scenario with a mobile-first approach, ensuring smooth usability across devices. Through careful attention to detail, I optimised text legibility with a balanced contrast ratio and font size management. The site's information architecture and navigation promote easy findability and discoverability. To maintain visual coherence and enhance user experience, I implemented a cohesive design system with standardised patterns and components throughout. Click Here
Thank you
for viewing
I designed this website while working for the Dublin based company Matrix internet. It is important to acknowledge that I was not alone in endeavour, the support and direction which came from the team was indispensable. The website successfully launched on time and on budget in 2022. Check out the live website
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