Logotype + Graphic identity + Adv


To design a new corporate identity, which deals with international award-winning alterations mainly Harley Davidson engine, under the baton of chief designer Thomas Capudra. In addition to design packaging and marketing activities for "V-ROD" set as commercially attractive product for upgrading V-ROD Harley Davidson engines. The product was presented at the last meeting in the town of HD Faak Am See and is designed for the global market..


Iconography owners of one of the most powerful and recognizable brands in the world of Harley Davidson is highly recognizable. Therefore, we in the design of communications highlighted the essential values. Fucking loud and tailor-made. Fuckin Loud and Custom. KD / Marko Miladinovic D / Darko Miladinovic

My Role

My role included collaborating with the logo design, photo manipulation and editing