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    • Bus

      Next Bus Dublin

      Mobile.WEB DESIGN.Coding

    Dublin Bus

    Client : Stephen McBride

    Next Bus Dublin uses the new Dublin Bus realtime information system to tell you exactly when your bus is arriving. No more guessing using fictional timetables! The app allows you to save your frequently used stops for quick lookup and to search for stops on a map. Features: - Modern Holo Android UI - Drag and drop to reorder your favourites - Filter results to see only the route numbers you want - Twitter news from Dublin Bus Artwork courtesy of Stuart Scargill Data provided by Dublin Bus and Biznet. This app is unofficial and not associated with Dublin Bus.

    Get it now!

    • Train App

      Next train Ireland

      Branding.ART DIRECTION .Branding

    Stephen Mcbride

    Client : Stephen Mcbride

    Get timetable and realtime results for any train station in Ireland!
    Includes the ability to check all the stations a train will call at, save favorite stations, receive travel alerts and find your nearest station.
    Data provided by Irish Rail. "This is a must have app for any android using commuters" - Fergal Gallagher, Exclusive to paid version:
    - Save timetables for quick lookup when offline - Create station shortcuts straight from a station's results page

    Download for free!

    • Logofolio

      Logo design



    Client : freelance

    Some logos I have done in the past for several companies and individuals Pliab see more on my behance page

    • Harley Davidson

      Dream Machine


    Harley Davidson

    Client: Harley Davidson

    A collaboration with the studio Armada and Harley Davidson. The brief was to make a packaging for a kit that fits on to a Harley Davidson motarcycle.


    • Product Branding

      Dyson Quick air



    Client : Boris Kam

    The brief for this project was to make a visual identity for Dyson quickair, a complete brand redesign for Dyson was delivered .

    Using dysons iconic colours but in a new and dynamic way.

    dyson quickair Behance page

    • Icecream branding


      Print. MAGAZINE

    Vigo Icecream

    Client : Vigo

    A branding project created by Armada for an Icecream store in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Visit Armada

    • App design

      Irish Times App

      Print. MAGAZINE


    Client : Irish Times

    A unique application targeted for ages 18-30, but can be used by a wider target market. Driven by the Irish times, they choose their own topics for the application user to respond to. As an incentive, the most liked photo’s feature as the home screen topic photo, and could also feature in the paper at the end of the week. It’s a great opportunity to for the Irish times to run competitions and raise publicity. Unlike other photo applications, Capture has the unique feature of displaying photo responses from specific topics chosen by the Irish Times. It’s easy to use and has a clean, young design.


    • poster design


      poster illustration.screen print.poster design.yugoslavia.

    Jus project

    Client : Armada

    JUS presents a series of graphics on the Yugoslav cult technical articles from the period between '50 and '90.

    Authors: Darko and Marko Miladinović

    • bad puns

      cartoons & illustration

      tshirt design.Print. humour

    Art & Illustration

    Client : personal

    Some personal illustrations

    • Sladalado

      Branding.Branding guidlines


    Client : Sladolado

    Graphic identity for a Slovene Icecream Company. studio: Armada


    • Burger label

      Dobre Vile


    label design

    Client : Dobre Vile

    The brief for this project was to create a familiar trademark of for a burger, amidst keen competition, which will deliver gourmet dishes. To introduce to the market an urban, unpretentious pizza shop, famous for its quick and quality services..

    • Website

      Tee time

      Illustration.Print.Web design/coding

    Tshirt website

    Client : TeeTime

    Design and illustration for a fourth year college project. The Website is a commercially viable, user friendly and the tshirts themselves are on sale across many websites

    The Website



    • Political Website

      Web design.Webpress.Coding

    Counciller Sarah wray

    Client : Sarah wray offers a website with easy navigation, important and updated content. More than just a reference tool for keeping up to date with your local politics, the website allows the user to be part of the political process with social networking and direct contact with Sarah Wray.


    • Tony Curtis

      Tony Curtis


    Interactive Poetry

    Client : Tony Curtis

    For a college project we were asked to create an Illustration for the poet Tony Curtis, I decided to go a step further and create an interactive story in 12 different parts, each part with their own moving illustration.

    check it out!

    • Magazine design

      Appollo Magazine

    College project

    The brief for this project was to shadow a fellow college student, photgraph in everyday scenareos and in a studio, interview them and then make a dynamic magazine. featuring.

    • Web design Pus).USER EXPERIENCE.

    photography Website:

    Client :Nejc Pus

    Slovenian photographer website. The is minimalist website with easy navigation and great content



    Awwwards : Site of the day

    • Restaurant Branding


      photoshop.illustration.Mockups.USER EXPERIENCE.


    Client : Central Station

    In the heart of Ljubljana, Central Station, offers a new culinary experiance focusing on afforable but delisious food with a flair. The cosmopolitan bar/resteraunt offers a range of food and drinks all in a stylish well decorated environment provided by the studio armada. The goal was to reinterpret traditional cuisine, adding freshness and a close and easy approach to the restaurant business that would appeal to a young, dynamic crowd. The corporate identity had to reflect these values as a fresh, young, cosmopolitan, and truely sloven..

    • Protest video

      Czech republic


    Protest vid/photography

    Client : Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague

    A small town in Bohemia was being demolished to make way for a giant mining facility, I was part of a team from the Czech Republic that made a short video protesting this.

    View the video

    • ISTD

      Tyopgraphy experiment

      Print..packaging design


    Client : College Project

    A Typography project based off three different british accents. The Idea was to package accents, when you open the packaging a voice will greet you in the selected accent. You soon find the box turns into a small book explaining how to speak in that accent as well as interesting facts about the region it comes from.

    • App Icon design

      Jaz porocha

      App design.Illustration.icon design.

    App design

    Client : Jaz porocha

    while working in Armada I put forward these concepts for an app design.

    • Travel photography

      Travel branding


    Travel Photography

    Client : personal

    I love to travel and I often combine this with my love of Graphic design. The following are some examples of that.

    Visit my behance page to see more

Loreto Grange

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  • Freelance

    I have been asked to redesign this packaging for guardian gems and its website(under construction + none of the current graphics on that site are mine)

  • 2014

    Blog under-construction

    My blog will be up some time in Febuary

  • 2nd Feb 2014

    Return to Ireland

    After several months abroad I returned home from Slovenia.

  • November 2013

    Jus Project

    The beginning of the Jus poster project, as well as the launch of the exhibition in Sarajevo. See for yourself!

  • 2013


    Visiting Croatia

  • November 2013



  • August 2013


    Start of internship at Armada.

    I recieved an Eu grant to work in slovenia at a studio of my choosing. I choose Armada because of their diverse and often comedy infused design. They were good enough to take me on as an intern.

  • August 2013

    arrive in ljubljana, Slovenia